Dental Work After Car Accidents

Car accidents are traumatic. They can have detrimental effects on the health of your teeth. If you’ve suffered other serious injuries during your accident it may seem like dental injuries are the least of your worries. However, you should see a dentist as soon as possible to assess your injuries and create a plan of action. If you’ve had teeth knocked out in a car accident or suffered other injuries to your mouth, waiting to see a dental professional can worsen your condition and slow down the healing process. The pain you’re feeling will only worsen without treatment.

Whether you’re experiencing tooth damage, tooth loss, or the early signs of TMJ, a dentist can help you renew your smile and walk alongside you toward the path of healing. If you’ve been in an auto accident and had to go to the emergency room, it’s also important to know that if your ER doctor mentioned “mouth” or “teeth” in their report sometimes you can bill your medical instead of dental insurance.


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A Dentist’s Career Path: What to Know About Becoming a Dentist

Becoming a dentist involves a lot of hard work but gives you a rewarding career that’s unique from any other field. In fact, U.S. News & World Report has consistently listed dental industry professions as their “100 Best Jobs” with dentist ranking #2 on the list. If you’ve ever been intrigued by what a dentist does day-to-day or are fascinated every time you visit the dentist, a career in dentistry could be in your future. As a dentist, you’ll find yourself in a position that allows you to be creative and help others improve their oral health. We can help you learn more about a dentist’s career path and what it takes to become a dentist, while answering questions you have such as “How long does it take to become a dentist?” (more…)

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Dental Anxiety In Children: Advice From Professionals

It’s not uncommon for people to have issues with trips to the dentist. Even as adults many people have a hard time. For many adults, these issues have been with them since childhood which makes it even more difficult trying to figure out how to assist your own children with their dental anxiety. Knowing this, we thought we’d poll a number of experienced dentists on how to help deal with dental anxiety in children.


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Dental Job Search Resources

Using Google For Your Dental Job Search

One of the most powerful tools for finding a job in a specific area is the world’s biggest search engine: Google. While Google does a good job of helping you find what you’re looking for, if you know how to use what’s known as “advanced search operators” you can really harness the power of Google, particularly for job searches. What are advanced search operators and how can they help in your job search? Search modifiers limit the results that Google shows you, which can be very handy whether you’re searching for a job with a specific company, in a specific area, or with a specific title. Here’s a quick rundown of some common modifiers and how you can use them:


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Links to 72 Available Dental Scholarships

If you are a dental student of any sort you know exactly how expensive your education can be. Fortunately, there are also a tremendous number of scholarships out there that are available to students pursuing a career as a dentist or in a dental related field. Below, we’ve collected a list of 72 different scholarships with information on the value of the scholarship and links to more information and how to apply. (more…)

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