The Benefits of Zoom Whitening

Your smile is your best first impression, so achieving white teeth should not have to be difficult. People desire whiter teeth for a variety of reasons due to stains and yellowing over time. The most common teeth stains are those on the surface on the enamel or below in the dentin. Types of foods, beverages, or lifestyle choices can lead to surface stains, and over time alter the color of the dentin below the enamel. Achieving whiter teeth can boost confidence, portray a younger appearance, show a sign of good health, and reverse the unfortunate event of staining and discoloration.

There are many options that make teeth whitening possible. People try many methods, from over-the-counter whitening strips and gels to tray-based bleaching systems. Whitening gels and strips can usually result in sustained white teeth for about a few months. These types of products use less peroxide than those used in a dentist’s office and the degree of whitening is much lower. Tray-based whitening systems contain a peroxide-bleaching agent and requires a mouth guard-like tray be worn for up to a month. In-office procedures, like Zoom Whitening, are also available and offer beneficial results.

Zoom Whitening procedures prove quality results, and after consulting with your dentist, you can best determine which treatment is best for you. Zoom Whitening is a popular bleaching process which lightens discolored tooth enamel and dentin. In most cases, a peroxide gel is applied to the teeth in intervals with a fluoride paste applied to the teeth immediately afterwards to reduce sensitivity. Zoom Whitening is such a popular option for people because the procedure is quick, lasting about an hour or less. For patients, the results are fast and easy. The procedure is comfortable and patients may relax during intervals of the peroxide application. In one session, teeth can become up to eight shades whiter and the bleaching gel has more power against tough stains caused by food, drinking and smoking. Unlike at-home applications, Zoom Whitening proves to have lasting results.

Along with the many advantages of Zoom Whitening, the fluoride application used on the teeth afterwards prevents the patient from experiencing sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods shortly after the treatment. Following treatment, patients can return for follow-up treatments and sometimes use Zoom touch-up kits as needed. The treatment is safe and completely effective, and gives people a rewarding, healthy smile that they want to show off.

Want to try Zoom whitening?

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