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Oral Cancer Screenings

Thousands of people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. We can perform an oral cancer screening at your next dental visit with the goal in mind to catch any possible symptoms early and give you peace of mind. Regular visits are an important component of ensuring you have the best possible chance of curing oral cancer if we were to discover any symptoms.

To perform a mouth cancer screening, we will do a routine examination of your mouth to screen to look for symptoms such as swelling, lumps, and lesions. We can also perform additional tests to identify if there are any areas of your mouth experiencing abnormal cell growth, a key symptom of oral cancer.

While lifestyle habits such as tobacco or alcohol use and poor eating habits can increase your risk of developing oral cancer, regular oral cancer screenings are a good idea for everyone, as the exact causes are still uncertain. Regular check-ups and screening can provide you the best chances for successful treatment.

To schedule an appointment for a mouth cancer screening at our office, or if you have a question about this service, fill out the form on our contact page, or call us directly at 517-371-5342.

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