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Our patients may need a crown put on a tooth for a variety of reasons. Crowns are dental caps that cover a tooth that has decayed beyond the extent of repair via filling, recently undergone root canal therapy, cracked or broken, or for aesthetic improvement. A crown can be a time consuming dental procedure but ultimately helps strengthen your damaged tooth.

Other common reasons to get a dental crown:

Our team uses a CEREC machine for dental crowns.

The CEREC machine can fabricate a crown in one appointment, making the process easy with no need for a return appointment. A CEREC machine uses pictures of your tooth and 3D technology to design a crown that matches your tooth shade. After the crown is created and checked for proper fit, it is bonded into place. Learn more about the process we use for CEREC crowns.

With proper care, a good quality dental crown can last eight years or more. It’s important to floss and brush in the area of the crown to avoid plaque buildup or collection of debris around the area.

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