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Derksen Dentistry is a great choice if you are looking for a dentist near Grand Ledge, MI. You are just a short drive away from fantastic dental and patient care. Our team is focused on providing the best experience while performing top-quality services for everyone in the Grand Ledge area, including children. From your first visit, you will notice the relaxing, caring and professional environment of our entire office and team.

Derksen Dentistry near Grand Ledge

Daniel J. Derksen, DDS, PLLC
2410 Lake Lansing Rd Suite 2
Lansing, MI 48912

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Other Services

The team at Derksen Dentistry provides individualized dental care for the specific needs of Grand Ledge patients. We pay attention to every detail to ensure our patients are comfortable and satisfied, they are our top priority. Whether you are looking for preventative treatment or want to cosmetically improve your smile, Derksen Dentistry has services that will benefit anyone. Here are some of the services we offer:

ClearCorrect Braces – whether you need traditional braces or are looking for other options like ClearCorrect, we can help at Derksen Dentistry.

Teeth Whitening – professional teeth whitening like Zoom! will leave you with a long lasting bright smile and zero side effects.

Root Canals – many people are scared of root canals but with new technology it is a smooth process and will help prevent any further decay or infection.

Extractions – Derksen Dentistry can restore your teeth with extractions whether you need your wisdom teeth out or are dealing with broken or poorly positioned teeth.

Crowns – we make the process quick and easy with our machine that can make a crown in one appointment. Crowns are meant to strengthen damaged teeth or can be for aesthetics.

Periodontal Treatment – gum disease is common but also can be prevented. We offer laser periodontal treatments to stop the disease from progressing.

Fillings – we offer both amalgam and composite fillings to fix cavities and prevent further damage.  

Veneers – natural wear and tear or tooth decay can cause people to hide their smile, bring back your confidence with veneers.

Laser Treatments – we use laser treatments for gum disease, teeth whitening, sensitivity and reshaping because it is less invasive and more accurate.

Dentures –if you have missing teeth, check out Derksen Dentistry’s various denture options.

Our Team

Derksen Dentistry near Grand Ledge, Michigan has a knowledgeable and experienced staff that is committed to providing the best experience in the area. Our doctors take the time to build relationships with each patient to earn their trust while listening to concerns and answering questions.

Dr. Daniel Derksen

Dr. Derksen has proven his dedication to his patients through his genuine concern and detailed explanations of treatment options. He stays on top of improvements and upgrades around the office as well as participating in continued education. After graduating from the top of his class at the University of Michigan Dental School, he was inducted into the OKU dental honors society and is a member of American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, and Michigan Dental Association.

Insurance and Payment Options

At Derksen Dentistry we offer various forms of payment options to help our patients easily keep up with their dental health. We accept cash, credit card, CareCredit and other insurance providers so patients have the chance to choose whichever is most convenient. If you have any questions regarding payment options or insurance, contact our office and we will happily help!

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